He, she and the computer

He, she and the computer
 In your family happened welcome addition? Alas, we are not talking about the baby. We are talking about a computer. It was followed by more and longer "hang" modern men and women. Should I be concerned if the virtual world goes ... wife?

Computer addiction prone to both men and women. And if in various articles provide tips on how to get a man because of the computer to keep the family together, then all of the evil one. Families can be destroyed, and for many other reasons than the seat beside her husband "smart car" for the next toy. Yet some truth in these articles is present and quite unexpected: a man is easier to manage, and the woman can intuitively feel that its going to separate from the computer.

You can, of course, refer to the fact that women have much less time to "get hooked" on the needle of the virtual world. This is another myth. Women are more easily amenable men dependencies of any kind. And speaking of the household, the eternal destiny of all the beautiful ladies, most families have a chance to buy a powerful computer (and modern games require high system requirements), all the duties of "maid" of yore automated. So the wife will throw things into the washing machine, and chicken - on the grill, and - to a computer. You can even, if funds allow, hire a housekeeper and real.

The only thing that can stop the beautiful lady on the way to the cherished goal - children. But the man who does not want to lose his wife suddenly, in any case should not use them as an argument against the pastime of the second half. Otherwise, the woman will leave and take with you and the children, and the computer. She would seem that a man is disrespectful to her and her children, and not to its dependence.

A man must first of all understand what it takes to his wife, in addition to communication, which it receives abundant in social networks. "Communicate virtually - so she is tired of real communication" - such a conclusion should make understanding husband and wife do not bother with their attention, thinking that she just was not enough. And so do not be no fireworks at the window, or a romantic dinner. Woman sitting at the computer, finally found a way to take a break from their duties and be a little ... the role of men. And the woman has a right, because the duties she lacks in abundance.

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