Embrace or turn away? Pose in a dream tells the truth about feelings

Embrace or turn away? Pose in a dream tells the truth about feelings
 Women always want additional indicators relations of divination on camomile to various tests. For those who are looking for meaning in everything, there is a small study, based on the positions in which your favorite sleep. Psychologists claim that the true relationship in the pair can tell those poses where you usually go to sleep.

Touching the backs
In this position usually sleep pairs in which each feels independent and self-sufficient person. This does not mean that he turned his back to each other, you show disdain for each other. No, you are touching each other, and therefore actually feels a strong attraction and trust your partner, you can see it in the support and encouragement.

But if each one of you falls asleep on his side of the bed, not touching each other up, and even a separate blanket, then such a posture speaks of the tension that exists between you and maybe even an insult and annoyance. Perhaps you are tired of each other, if you try to move away in bed.

In each other's arms
Typically, strong arms fall asleep newlyweds, full of passion. Woven hands and feet, the head of one lying on the chest of another - such a strong bond is difficult to disengage. She says the full trust of partners, their affection, they want to give each other even in their sleep and feelings of freshness. Usually the one who sleeps on the chest of another, emphasizes that full confidence in his beloved and seeks protection and patronage. More often it is a woman, but it happens that a man asleep on a woman's breasts. Some psychologists say that if this position is constant, then, perhaps, a man sees in you mother.

Spoon in spoon
Most probably, cozy and family pose. I fall asleep in this position people have reached harmony in their relationship, full of love and trust. Psychologists say that the one who embraces in this position, demonstrating its superiority and the desire to control, not only in bed, but in sex. Maybe they're right, maybe not. Many believe this pose one of the sexiest, because it allows so quickly and simply move on to sex and then go back to sleep, basking in the arms of one or feeling clung body of another.

Facing each other
Those who fall asleep hugging, facing each other, probably, very much in love, if they want to feel the breath and embrace each other and are ready to meet the views immediately after waking up.

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