Abstaining from sex: the pros and cons

Abstaining from sex: the pros and cons
 Oddly enough, but nowadays there are people who for whatever reason, voluntarily refuse to have sex. Some believe that it has a positive effect on the person, and others think that those who do not have sex, there are somatic and psychiatric disorders. But there is still no consensus on the effect of abstinence on the body.
 While having sex the human body produces hormones of happiness - endorphins. And without getting them, you can get depressed. If on the one hand promotes abstinence direction of energy on the formation of different values, on the other neurodevelopmental disorders on a background of dissatisfaction and increased sexual excitability.

But it all depends on the individual, who may or may not feel the cons out of sex. Outs are sexual abstinence and emotional disorders, sexual neuroses, congestion in the pelvic area that provokes diseases. Men because of the refusal of sex can lose potency and women cease to have an orgasm.

Advantages of abstinence from carnal pleasures is a great opportunity to organize your time so it went to good use. It has long been known that dissatisfaction increases creativity and efficiency. No wonder some sports coaches forbid athletes to have sex before important competitions.

One of the most common causes of abstinence is the long separation from a partner. This is an advantage for the couple, since no risk of betrayal. After this test sex becomes vivid and memorable. In addition, the rejection of lovemaking helps to activate sexual fantasies, so abstinence will help prevent it from becoming intimate relationship into a routine.

Refusing sexual intercourse in some cases a positive effect on the reproductive capacity of partners. The desired pregnancy occurs first, and fertility problems disappear if some time not to have sex. So consider some couples, but doctors contradict this way because, in their opinion, it is far-fetched.

Many couples are different religiosity, practice abstinence from carnal pleasures to their soul has been more perfect. In this case, abstaining from sex is a plus, but after childbirth is also important. With regard to children, it is the absence of sexual intercourse to avoid the appearance of unwanted offspring.

Sex - is a natural need of the human body, so you should not deprive him of this. Abstinence is a serious stress and load. This can affect mental and physical health, so do not deprive yourself of carnal pleasures, as it is the inherent nature.

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