7 things men hate

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 A woman who wants to be successful in a relationship needs to know that she loves her man. But it is equally important to know that pushes the stronger sex. Representatives of the opposite sex perceive many things differently, and try to understand a man from his own point of view - a mistake. Fortunately, independent specialists did some research that men hate the most.

1. Men are very frustrating fickleness of women, especially if they suddenly change their plans without consulting partner. It confuses them confused, because it is the man at the helm, and if a friend breaks his plans, he gets nervous.

2. Attempts to change a man is likely to lead him into a rage. Women are often trying to adapt the partner to suit your needs and requirements, regardless of his own desires. Few understand the man, you should still take it for what it is.

3. What are never, under any circumstances, you should not do is to compare a man with previous partners, especially if the comparison is not in his favor. Such comparisons are humiliating and painful hurt the male ego.

4. Many people have their hobbies. Men especially kind to his hobby, and very frustrating when life partner speaks of them with disdain. Even worse, if the woman begins to interfere with his favorite activities. It's part of his life, and he considers it as interference in hostile action. In addition, it should be remembered that the man involved in the hobby, against his will - is not the best idea.

5. Women manner to collect and disseminate gossip irritates men, if not more. They do not suffer when women discuss their personal lives behind them, no matter what is contained in these gossip - condemnation or praise. This is regarded as an invasion of his personal territory, and this trait is dangerous move. A man can not openly show that it is seriously concerned about it, but we must remember that it is unacceptable for him.

6. Men experience severe discomfort when they do not listen or interrupted. Women often do not even occur to her companion, too, want to express their views. They need to be listened to. Male ego suffers, if he feels the lack of attention and respect. And when he interrupted, he takes it as a clear message - "I do not care what you think, and you yourself is boring." Who likes this?

7. Jealousy - the best way to destroy everything. Men can not stand when they begin to monitor and jealous. If he invites a lady out on a date, and she begins to keep track of where he was looking, hardly waiting for her second date with him. Everyone knows that the restriction of freedom - the worst nightmare of any male.

As you can see, it's pretty simple. If you do not drive the man in the corner, to respect his personality and learn to love him for who he really is - a relationship will be successful and durable.

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