6 myths about infidelity

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 Only a small number of married couples is able to survive treason and continue to live together. Therefore, adultery is one of the main causes of divorce. Unfortunately, when there is infidelity in marriage, objectively understand the situation interfere with the various myths that had formed around this phenomenon.

1. Change the only unhappy married people.

This is true only in relation to women's infidelities. Indeed, the affair on the side of many of the fair sex personable give birth due to dissatisfaction with the emotional side of marriage. In addition, the proportion of women who dared to commit adultery, are on the move because of the lack of physical satisfaction with intimacy with her husband. However, the majority of men are regularly changing their wives completely satisfied own marriage, including marital sex.

2. Men are changing more often than women.

In the past, the number of male adultery was much greater than the number of women's novels on the side. However, in modern conditions these figures are almost equal. The only difference is that most unfaithful men do not feel guilty, but women tend to suffer and worry due to the fact that they are cheating spouse.

3. The most attractive feature in the novels on the side of having sex with a new partner.

Sometimes, it is true. But in reality, men and women often change their spouses in the desire to experience a new sense. Thirst romantic adventures especially appropriate for men over the age of forty, most of which extramarital affair is a way to prove that he is still young.

4. Change only those spouses who do not like their legitimate half.

This statement is not always true. Just the couple may have different values ​​and understanding of love. Would be correct to say that change those spouses who do not respect your partner.

5. If a person changed once bound to change again.

Many people do regularly change their spouses. Once their "reform" is almost impossible. But sometimes it happens that change a person suffers greatly from guilt, as a result, he starts to look differently on family relationships and appreciate more the second half. In this case, the probability of "relapse betrayal" minimal.

6. It is necessary to confess to treason.

Talk about adultery still not worth it. Usually marriages fail just because of such a confession, not the fact of the campaign "left".

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