5 reasons why your life a little sex

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 Half a century ago, intimate side of marriage has played a very important role for both spouses. But the sex lives of many modern couples can not be called rich bright events. Some spouses living together for a long time, generally there is a complete lack of sex. If the temporary lack of sex can be easily explained fatigued, the long-term sexual abstinence is more serious reasons.

1. Glut bedrooms technological innovations

The bed should be associated only with sleep and sex. However, most modern people take to bed with laptops, PDAs, DVD players and other technical benefits of civilization. The presence of all these techniques in the bedroom can not only deprive normal sleep, but also adversely affect the sex life. Think about it, how easy is it to experience the pleasure of intimacy, if your hands are busy laptop or TV remote control? To the sex of your bedroom does not disappear completely, highlight his personal life a special place. The bedroom should be a free zone technology.

2. The use of oral contraceptives

Birth control pills that women take to improve the quality of sex life, unfortunately, reduced libido. High doses of estrogen contained in oral contraceptives, contribute to the formation of the protein which binds testosterone. And it is from this hormone dependent and libido. Sometimes this side effect of birth control pills continues even after the termination of their admission. Instead of hormonal contraceptives can be used IUD or condoms. By the way, some soothing and reducing pressure drugs may also cause the decline of sexual desire.

3. Constant stress

Weekdays many modern people are in continuous troubles: work, home, child care, etc.. Saturated hassle exhausting life has, as a result of the evening there is only one desire - to hug the pillow. In the worst case, the constant stress leads to negative hormonal changes, because of which the libido is reduced even more. If everyday chores practically superseded sex of your life, an urgent need to solve this problem. Your marriage will benefit if you, for example, instead of the daily cleaning will make love.

4. Dissatisfaction with his body

Some women avoid intimacy because of the fact that they do not like your body, but rather overweight, stretch marks, cellulite, etc. Modern media even more deepen this complex, imposing the stereotype that sexually attractive woman can be only with the appearance model. To increase self-confidence can often ask the man she loved that it was he like you as a woman. Perhaps you hate it the feature of their appearance, which he seems nice. With complex can be controlled independently. If, for example, a strong psychological discomfort deliver extra pounds, try to lose at least a couple of them. Most likely, then you will begin to feel more confident.

5. Resentment at the sexual partner

Women than men are much more sensitive to the emotional side of sex life. If your life was a little sex, think, perhaps, that the fault of constant quarrels? To stop insults affect your sex life, talk to your partner in the future, try not to move in bed, domestic quarrels.

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