10 effective ways to win the heart of man

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 We all dream to meet the very man dreams, her prince, the one and only. Only here what to do if you met him, but he does not notice you. Perhaps you have long been familiar with, and he sees in you only friend. Or vice versa, you know too little, and you do not know how to attract attention. There are 10 effective ways to conquer his heart.

Method 1.
Men need to listen carefully always trying his never interrupt. Try to follow the course of his narrative, and in the right places assent, groan and exclaim, while keeping the person concerned.

Method 2.
It is necessary to remember at this point that he's the smartest. Do not forget to inform him as often as possible. Flattery can be anything, men always believe in their uniqueness. The only thing is that your compliments should in any way correspond to the point.

Method 3.
Ask him anything to help you. After all, he was so smart, brave, and you defenseless and not adapted to the rigors of life. Men like to help and feel affection for helpless women.

Method 4.
Get a hobby that he and. He loves to play poker? Learn, or better yet, ask him to teach you how to teach. Maybe he collects coins? Well, you've always dreamed of being a numismatist.

Method 5.
Prove it small, but nice service for him. Perhaps he lover to collect stamps, and you have just a couple of rare lying around? He will be very happy to have such a gift, and certainly invite you to dinner in appreciation.

Method 6.
Sometimes the way to a man really is through his stomach. Try to find out what he likes and prepare for it. Not necessarily demonstrate their attention to open. Prepare all your colleagues or friends this dish. The main thing is that it is not left out and appreciated how tasty you cook.

Process 7.
One of the most effective ways to bring a crowd of fans. Smart woman knows how to surround himself with the fans, or at least create the illusion of the crowd. Several calls from different men with him, a couple of flowers and you have a reputation demanded by women. He definitely will look at you with different eyes and will soon join the hunt.

Method 8.
Find out what he likes women. Maybe he likes women Marilyn Monroe Description, and you - tall, thin brunette. But this will not have problems. Just forget about the jeans and wear feminine clothes. Change your image to attract his attention, and he will see you on the other side.

Process 9.
No need to be with him, "her boyfriend", even if you are familiar with for many years. A woman should always remain a mystery. This is difficult to achieve, if you have long been familiar, but still possible.

Method 10.
You should never lose optimism and positivity. Men like women who are satisfied with their lives. This woman is a reliable rear and always support and help to feel like a real man.

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