Corset: Secret bending waves

Corset: Secret bending waves
 Female corset for centuries excites man's imagination. With this item of clothing can be beneficial to emphasize the outline of a shape and create exciting twists and correct posture, giving it a truly regal grace. In short, the corset - a true symbol of femininity, elegance and seduction.

Corset can be called the sexiest part of a woman's wardrobe. He has been known since time immemorial. Initially, the corset was a leather belt Tightening waist. In ancient Rome, it was worn under a dress. With the development of the fashion changed and the purpose of this part of the female toilet. In the Middle Ages gained enormous popularity corset lace-up, lifts the breasts and strongly Tightening waist. It was worn next to the skin or over a shirt.

At the turn of XVI-XVII centuries there were models of classical form with a rigid frame made of wood or metal. For example, the Spanish fashion came in silhouette with a slim waist and flat-chested. In France, corsets elevated to the rank of works of art using their sewing expensive silk, satin, satin and richly decorated with lace.

The era of the corset was broken at the end of the XIX century: the emancipation of women gaining momentum angrily rejected the garment. And only in the postwar years of the XX century, when she returned to the wasp waist fashion, fashionista again reminded of the corset. Especially the achievements of modern industry would make them lighter and more comfortable than previous models.

Modern high fashion is unthinkable without a corset. Last season, some of the most spectacular models presented in the collection of John Galliano Christian Dior. His corsets, made in the style of New Look, embroidered with delicate black lace over satin pale. The designer was inspired by American noir films, with their insidious and seductive heroines.

A tireless duo Dolce and Gabbana this spring have paid special attention to women's corset. Designers have created another summer collection in the spirit of the old Sicily and corsets made of denim, white cotton and soft suede became the highlight of the fashion show.

The genius of haute couture, Jean Paul Gaultier more than once shook the audience with their masterpieces corset. Many people remember the famous corset with cups, cones, created for Madonna's world tour in 1990. Since then, it took a lot of time and inexhaustible imagination master every season with success is to the audience all the bold new images. Last season Gauthier suggested women corsets model denim, leather and satin.

Star beauty happy diluted their clothes corset. For admirers of this element of women's wardrobe can be attributed dancer Dita Von Teese, actress Salma Hayek, singer Rihanna.

Corsets - a win-win today evening fashion. He will make a good ensemble with a dressy skirt or trousers. Youth style allows combining corset with simple jeans and dressy shoes. Even in business this clothing items easy to find good use: Advanced strict dress corset in tone instead of an ordinary vest.

By and large, women's corsets neither save from the cold or the heat, but they are rescued from the routine and ordinariness.

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