Jealousy. Its sources and methods of destruction

Jealousy. Its sources and methods of destruction
 Jealousy kills, dried and sucks the meaning of relations between the partners. The most disgusting - is the lack of ground for jealousy in the presence of reasons. Someone might think that it is just empty words. And it's very good, because this approach suggests that the reasons for jealousy are only in the minds jealous. Much worse, if occasions arise over and over again, and there's nothing you can do.

Jealousy is the source of cyclical assignment, or a tendency to equate self and external objects. First systematizer this feature of the human psyche was Carl Jung. The idea is that the jealous jealous to himself. He sees any potential possibility of losing its ability to possess something or someone as a direct threat to its security.

Especially important this becomes in the southern countries where women traditionally wore a burqa. Low cultural level and a "hot" blood created a tradition, which cut off the root of any potential opportunity to even look at his wife horseman. If we consider that we are talking about millions of people, it becomes clear that jealousy - it is a very important state, which brings a lot of problems. Especially in the commission of violent attempts to get rid.

Are you jealous? So jealous ... It's common for people, it is a form of expression of love. No method of getting rid of jealousy does not exist, can not exist as a lever emotions.

It is necessary to distinguish between painful jealousy and a natural desire to call someone of their property. Painful can develop only in comparison with other mental disorders, and natural - it is appropriate and even necessary for the formation of a healthy family. Unfortunately, very often we do not understand and do not accept the riches contained in ourselves. This is our own psyche. As a form of manifestation of this wealth, jealousy can be the basis or, at least, a deterrent safeguard us from wrongdoing. By and large, jealous - one of the happiest people on earth, as it is to whom jealous.

This assessment should be used as the underlying motivation for the development of subsequent complexes. The paradox is that the destruction of jealousy is equivalent to the destruction of love. To paraphrase the philosopher, we can say: "I am jealous, therefore - I live."

All subsequent work with jealous should be to identify aspects of the background. For example, when it comes to aggressive forms of manifestation of jealousy, you need to find the cause of aggression. She may be hiding in that aspect of the psyche that no one can ever utter. Nevertheless, it is a dominant behavior and a set of internal assessments and becomes a program that blindly follows people. Jealousy is a syndrome, perhaps even a hint factor that helps to find the most significant reasons why the negative perception of reality.

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