How to pass basque

How to pass basque
 Probably every girl is a little flirt. Impress others, meet a nice young man, to charm a new acquaintance - all in the sphere of activity of the girl-coquette. Turn it by following some of the recommendations.

The main weapon coquette - her appearance. It is necessary to work on them in order to achieve the intended result. Do facials and hair, do not forget about good manicure, make-up of relevant activities, well leave the house without the laid hairstyles will be riding irresponsibility.

Attach importance to detail. Beautiful bracelet on his leg or scarf waving in the wind will attract the attention of passers-by. A light touch on the shoulder, a gentle perfume or playful expression eye make think not one man.

Confidence. This coquette always knows what he wants and gets it. Coquette heartily smiles cheerfully laughs and always full of energy. She does not doubt, you can do something or not, whether it takes someone uncomfortable, did not consider whether its blatant and tactful. Drop conventions and events make for yourself. You are not like other ordinary girls. You should be, and be sure that it will happen.

The concept of friendship is not peculiar to flirt. Tie a warm relationship they may only look like the girls in the manner of behavior and character. In others give coquette envy and bewilderment, though mentally they give basque palm in the category conquest of male attention.

In the locker room at the coquette fashion items of various colors. She picks up a thing is not just fashionable or stylish, and that on it sits well and allows you to emphasize the dignity of her figure.

Even if the parameters of the figure flirt a little behind from the accepted standards of beauty, then it will not be a tragedy for the sophisticated lady. This coquette always find a way to draw attention to themselves.

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