How to equip your life

How to equip your life
 Man dreams of happiness and well-being, but, unfortunately, unable to achieve this is not all. In the world there is no universal recipe for happiness, which in a few minutes turns life into a fairy tale.
 If you want to arrange your life, then you first have to understand what it should be. Sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and focus. Now imagine what would be your way of life. What do you want to achieve? What dream? What you see yourself in five years? Record all the details, right down to the color of the chandelier in your living room and cut evening dress. Remember, you will never be able to achieve the desired, if not exactly represent what you strive for. Save your entries and if you will have a new desire, be sure to make a note of it as well. From time to time re-read the list and cross out what already have.

Now carefully analyze the list. So you can find out exactly what you need to achieve the desired. If you need to work some new knowledge or skills, make an appropriate courses. Remember that the road is made up of small steps.

You should not complain. Yes, if you are haunted by failure, life is not going well, and happy future does not even smell - that's no reason to blame other people or circumstances. Remember that in most cases, each person complains that he can change. People rarely spend hours talking about bad weather or global cataclysms. But on sloppy or lazy husband employee, spoiling life, they can chat for hours. Only you can arrange your own life.

Resist the stereotypical thinking - try to give it up. Pay no attention to what they say about you neighbors or unfamiliar people, because they do not know about you. You're not going to follow a lifetime chuzhym principles and obey public opinion.

If you do not like your job, then just change it. If you do not like your home, make repairs, buy a new set of dinnerware or paste over the room with new wallpaper. Start changing your life for the better, and you will see that it really is easy.

Sometimes in life there are difficult turning points. They happen to everyone. And if you think that there is no escape, think about the people that you value, and those who cherish you. In the world there are always people who love you and are always willing to support.

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