If you do not know what to buy for the holiday family or loved ones, take a look at the site Here you can just make a purchase, which is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Online Shop works since 2008. Its popularity can not be overestimated, because the site day comes around 30,000 unique visitors. At the moment he is one of the largest online stores where you can buy the book. range is very large, the catalog includes more than 700,000 products. Rates on our website not great, but, even though it makes the administration regularly discounts. For wholesale customers are absolutely incredible conditions. If you, for example, a school representative or bookstore owner, you will make a substantial discount and deliver the purchase as soon as possible. The site such shares are held as "Special offer of the week" and "Product of the day."

Now buy the book - it's not a problem, even if you have absolutely no time. Only need to enter the site and make your choice. And after a few days of your purchase will be delivered. Of course, if you live in Moscow. In other regions of the delivery takes longer. delivers anywhere in the world. So if you really want to buy the book, it can be done even in very remote areas. For delivery to remote regions uses the services of the Russian Federation-mail, air mail and EMS mail. If you want to get your purchase, advises using EMC as there is a maximum speed of delivery.

If you live in the capital of Russia, you can use couriers or servants drive for purchase on their own. Free delivery is carried out in the order for the sum of 1,000 rubles. If your purchase made on a more modest amount, couriers give you an order for just 90 rubles (if you stay in the city). If you live outside Moscow, visit, to find out the cost of payment for delivery.

The acquisition can call their own. For example, at the following address: ul. Leo Tolstoy, d. 23, p. 3 (the address is the organization itself and the item ex) or street. 1st Dubrovskaja, d. 1, Bldg. 1. For the convenience of buyers items are open weekdays from 9 to 21, and on Saturday from 11 to 18. Lunch at the firm from 14.30 do15.00.

On assortment, delivery and work schedule can be contacted by phone consultants in Moscow 744-09-09 or send a message by email

This online store also good that you can buy not only prints. Also on you can buy games and toys, stationery, gifts, watches, software and much more. - a real godsend for those who appreciate quality goods.

The site regular competitions. It is not just an online store, but rather a club of admirers of books. Prizes can be large-value coupons or stylish gadgets. Even without buying the online book store, you can participate in many competitions. For example, write a review on a favorite piece.

Online store, located at, famous for its attitude towards customers. Friendly service, attention to customers, efficiency and competence - is a guarantee of quality work If you doubt the choice of managers will help you to form an optimal selection. At your request, it can include rare and unique items. Well, if you want something new, visit the online store, see the catalog. Surely you will choose something interesting.

In the online bookshop, you can also create your personal account, where you can see the status of your order. Registered users are offered some bonuses like expedited shipping, interest on purchases and referrals to create its own passbook.

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