Divination by the Book of Changes

Divination by the Book of Changes
 The Book of Changes, or canon of changes - the most respected and one of the oldest works in Chinese philosophy. In the II century BC, the text was adopted as one of the canons of the Confucian Pentateuch.
 However, now the great history of the great philosophical work few people care about. Adapt to Western culture, the Book of Changes has become one of the ways of divination by means of which the girls are trying to figure out how to pass the session, get a job, find a husband, and how to wear a dress today. There are many online services that offer to tell fortunes on the Book of Changes here and now and immediately receive your prediction. Fast and convenient, but it is unlikely such a divination would be really truthful and help you.

As the oracle predictor Book of Changes is used for a long time, but there are special rules of divination in which entertainment online services does not fit. It is not necessary to treat so recklessly to work, strongly influenced the philosophy, culture, politics, art, music and science in China.

Guessing on the Book of Changes is not responsible for petty domestic issues. It can only help a person to choose the right spiritual path for solving various problems of life. So, for this you need a list of divination transcripts hexagrams, three coins, paper and pen.

Think of a question and focus on it. Remember that the question really should be important to you and should take all your thoughts. Now turn the coin toss. If two or three coins fell up eagle, draw a continuous line on the paper, if tails - that was interrupted in the middle. Then flip the coin five times and draw five lines - each of the previous one. Figure that you get, and there is a hexagram, the Book of Changes are only 64. Now it is necessary to find the resulting hexagram table and get your prediction.

The Book is "successful" and "unsuccessful" hexagram - numbered 3, 29, 39 and 47. That is, you can get and the bad, negative prediction, but do not because of this upset. The book only explains the current situation and make recommendations that can help you solve the problem.

During one session divination book, you can specify only one question, and then the question can not be repeated.

Remember that the text of the book - it is a translation from Chinese to Russian, unless of course you do not own the first perfection, which means that the translation may be admitted error. There may be discrepancies, and possibly treatment of the hexagram and all distorted. In addition, the canonical interpretation of the text is written rather than as specific recommendations, so you have to decide how to interpret it.

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