Maxim Drozd: End of War

Maxim Drozd: End of War
 Maxim Drozd is best known for playing all of Cain in the television series "The Curse of paradise", where he played together with Evelyn Bledans. On account of the actor about thirty roles, among them a cameo in the movie "Commando-2. End of the Game, "which made them responsibly and seriously.

Maxim Drozd was born in a family of actors March 11, 1968. The dream of following in the footsteps of parents was the boy from childhood. But after graduation, these plans were disrupted, and he had to go to serve in the army. The army was a great school of life, but his dream Maxim has not changed. After serving, he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School. After graduating in 1993, he once starred in several films, but then ten years left on sabbatical. No one knows what he was doing all this period. Go back to acting Wednesday he helped the case. If it does not, perhaps, many movies would not be removed.

To all her roles Maxim Drozd taken seriously. In each of his hero he puts a piece of themselves. Even a small episode is played "slack". In this little episode was his role in the film "The End of War", which is a continuation of the television series 'Saboteur'. "Saboteur. End of War "- a Russian television series in 2007, covering military and post-war period 1943 - 1947's. Is it possible to play the theme of war just like that, without any desire and understanding? All his strength Maxim gave to the role of the audience remember that this episode was noticeable, and not simply passed without any attention. In an interview with Maxim always repeats this phrase: "If we play bad - guys do not understand." In his youth he served in the reconnaissance, perhaps that is what helped him perfect to play in this film. By the way, Drozd has always been athletic and had a quick response.

From the words of the actor in the film good projects can be counted on the fingers. Classics he considers such films as "The Red Snowball Tree", "go to fight some old men." In modern cinema actor says films such as "Russian", "their", "Penal Battalion", "liquidation" and, of course, 'Saboteur'. War movie - it's a worthy topic, he said.

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Maxim Drozd: End of War
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