How to deal with unrequited love

How to deal with unrequited love
 "Unrequited love, hopeless ..." Oh, how painfully familiar this sounds! At least once in your life with an unrequited love encountered, probably everyone. It hurts the self-assessment takes vitality and threatens to turn into a depression. Deal with it must be at least in order to be able to be happy again.
 First of all, gather strength and to recognize the fact that the person that you think day and night, you do not like. Until you do not do this and will continue to hope, a sense of not let go.

Understand and accept the decision of a loved one. Folk wisdom says that the heart can not command. And really, if love does not appear, someone's not at fault.

Stop trying to draw attention to themselves. Try to do the abyss of the field of view of someone you love, drives away the thought of it. Begin actively communicate with distant relatives, make new friends. It is better to choose a such a social circle in which no one knows of your affection.

Think about your talents, hobbies, professional interests. Engage in intense activity to implement the plans that were previously shelved. Plunge headlong into building a career.

Look for ways to raise their self-esteem. Engage in improving their appearance, review wardrobe. Wear bright and interesting, do not let things dull dark colors make you invisible.

More laugh, looking around positive emotions. If someone you have a strained relationship - it's a good time to organize them. Do not let the will of negative feelings, they just drive people away from your environment.

Try to make the acquaintance with one or more people who may be promising in terms of future relations. But do not dwell on it and not rush things, let it go.

Believe in the truth that everything that is done - for the better. Over time, you will realize that this is true. Perhaps even decide that lucky to do in life without a man whom you so much sighing.

Finally, if you feel that sink into depression, be sure to talk with a psychologist. Many cities have free consultations for people who find themselves in difficult situations. Do not miss this opportunity.

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How to deal with unrequited love
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