How to build good muscle

How to build good muscle
 Process of the lean body mass consists of two stages - strengthening its recruitment and reset period in fat mass, accompanied by an increase in relief and precision drawing muscles. The combination of these steps is essential if you want to pump up muscles really good.
 Most people considered aesthetically pleasing, having an average number of muscle mass, but having a good relief and precision vectorization each muscle separately. And because the study phase of the relief and relief of fat mass, albeit with some loss of muscle mass, is utterly necessary.

At the time, set your weight training schedule shall consist exclusively of strength training. Completely eliminate aerobic workouts and endurance exercise. Work out with weights representing seventy to eighty percent of your absolute maximum in each exercise.

An important factor in the period set weight is proper nutrition. Your diet should contain plenty of protein and calcium. Optimally at this stage to use sports nutrition, namely, dry mixes that are used several times a day. These mixtures contain a large number of substances that provide fast muscle growth, and their speedy recovery after exercise.

Periods set of weights and a set of relief must alternate and last in the proportion of four to one - that is, if you gain weight intensively for four months, one month are required to devote to the improvement of relief.

Stage raising relief associated with aerobic loads, as well as the method of exercise aimed at improving endurance and reset the total body weight. Your workouts should begin and end uprazhneiniyami on such simulators, like a bicycle or treadmill. Use "ragged" rhythm for twenty minutes before and thirty minutes after training.

Changes in the method of exercise are to use lighter weights and more repetitions and approaches than before. In addition, every exercise you need to perform as quickly as possible.

As during the period set mass, while working on the relief is an important factor in your diet. Eliminate all foods that are high in protein and fat, give up sports nutrition, if you use it. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration during exercise.

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