Creams are tonal and tinting: What's the difference?

Creams are tonal and tinting: What's the difference?
 Almost every second woman uses tonal means through them you can remove small defects on the skin, even out the color. And like, what difference will tone cream or tinted, the result is likely to be the same. Still, it helps to understand that your skin always looked perfect.  

In toning creams are not many tinting colors, they are almost transparent and can therefore only slightly to align and improve the complexion. They belong to the day cream with a touch. But, they are abundant mineral substances, moisturizers and vitamins. Toning cream is suitable for those who have good skin, and who does not want to "cover up" your face with several layers. Makeup artists rarely use them, believing it rightfully summer, light makeup that will not work, even under the evening makeup.

There are a variety of tinting bases - fluids, they are referred to a liquid base, striking make-up. Use them to align the skin texture and tone. Very popular in the application of make-up artists have, so it is easy to lie and hardly noticeable on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, and are composed of a small amount of fat.

New to the market cosmetology recently became toners effect satin skin. It is not suitable for oily skin types as it creates a kind of smooth and soft and oily skin are more suitable matting agents hiding unwanted shine.

But tonal means have a firmer texture with various pigments, which, above all, the ability to hide small defects. Due to the different shades of foundation you can visually change the face oval. For every skin type is chosen individually tonal basis. Produced special foundation cream for oily skin, which contain disinfectants and anti-inflammatory agents. For very dry skin, of the tone means added emollient oils.

For oily skin tones have a cream-powder, they absorb excess fat and skin shine mask. But for mature skin definitely not suitable tinting base, although it can nourish aging skin, but it can not hide the wrinkles appear. For this type of skin is ideal foundation mousse. It has air, light texture, so fits well and is not going to fine wrinkles.

From the foregoing it can be summed up that the tinting bases are more suited to a happy owner maloproblemnoy skin, for which there is no need to mask imperfections.

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Creams are tonal and tinting: What's the difference?
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