"I'm offended you"

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 "I have to hurt you." This phrase often leads men currently indignation. However, they realize that they have done something wrong, but how to fix the situation, often do not know. What to do in this case? Are there universal recipes in this regard?

Not all men know how to earn forgiveness from his girlfriend. In fact, this is no big deal.

First, let's talk frankly with his chosen and ask her forgiveness. At the same time strictly forbidden to contradict or argue. In order to make peace with half, we need only to agree on everything and admitted his guilt. And have to admit guilt and even the one to which you have no relationship. Be ready for it.

In the event that a frank conversation did not help, it is necessary to move to the second option - gifts. In order to earn forgiveness girl often enough soft toys, bouquets or ornaments. However, note that the bouquet should be beautiful, toy - a big, decoration - expensive, but not necessarily too expensive. In addition, the girls are very beneficial public gifts. Do not like such events? Then leave this matter to the courier - he certainly knows a good judge.

If you are really serious trespass and even gifts did not help, you need to move on to the next step and take more decisive action. So, you should enlist the support of friends and parents of his chosen. In this posprosite them only subtly try to reconcile you with love and do not talk about your request.

Having done all this, you are sure to make peace with his second half, and the phrase "I'm offended you" will be replaced with the phrase "I love you! ".

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