How to lose weight on a diet shlakovyvodyaschey

How to lose weight on a diet shlakovyvodyaschey
 In the human body over time, accumulate harmful substances - toxins: undigested food, salt, toxins. All of this, putting in the joints and spine, causing pain and accumulating in the gut - rot and ferment. There is a special diet shlakovyvodyaschaya aimed at cleansing the body.
 Thanks shlakovyvodyaschey diet the body gets rid of toxins and thus a reduction in weight. In addition, accelerated metabolism and normalizes the excretory system.

To bring the toxins from the body, primarily increase the number of fluids you drink to 2-2, 5 liters per day. Allowed to drink juices, non-carbonated mineral water, herbal and floral extracts.

At this time your diet will consist of food free from fats, proteins and poor salts and all the products which are rich in carbohydrates. On the diet, increase physical activity, go to the masseur or the sauna.

In this diet includes "dry" and "drinking" days. Such a regime change helps to clean all body tissues. "Dry" days are better arrange on weekends.

Sample menu diet shlakovyvodyaschey

The first day

Fasting drink 200 ml of warm water. Breakfast №1: fruit salad - 100 g oatmeal on the water - 80 g fat-free yogurt - 200 ml, 1 grain bread. Breakfast №2: low-fat cottage cheese - 70 g, 1 apple, orange or banana. Dinner: green salad, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil - 100 g vegetable soup - 200 ml, low fat cottage cheese - 150 ml, black bread - '25 Dinner: vegetable stew - 100 g, low-fat yogurt or milk - 200 ml, brown rice - 50 g, 1 banana or an orange. Between meals is allowed in small amounts eat nuts and dried fruits.

The second day

During the day, drink fruit and vegetable juices, floral and herbal teas.

The third day

In the morning on an empty stomach, drink 200 ml of water with lemon. Breakfast: cereal without sugar with skim milk - 80 g, 1 apple or orange, and 1 banana. Dinner: green salad - 100 g vegetable soup - 200 ml, spaghetti or buckwheat - 80 g, any fruit. Dinner: salad of cabbage and carrots, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil - 100 grams, beans or canned peas - 80 g, 1 banana and 1 apple.

The fourth day

During the day, drink fruit and vegetable juices, floral and herbal teas.

Next, repeat the power on the proposed scheme within 20-days.

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How to lose weight on a diet shlakovyvodyaschey
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