I stopped flying - I'm afraid to break. How to stop being afraid to fly?

 In recent years, newspapers and TV, as have agreed - everyone is talking of how and where the plane crashed, show twisted design and list the names of the victims. And the periodic reports that the air fleet in Russia has worn down to the limit of the desire to fly is not added. Aerophobia - is the name of this fear affects approximately 20% of adults. But deal with it can and should be, if you want to see the world and learn something new. Women's magazine JustLady suggest how to cope with this problem and at the same time will understand where it all came from.

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Aerophobia extremely unpleasant phenomenon. Most often it is friends with other phobias: claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and acrophobia (fear of heights). Well, if a person with aerophobia peace beekeeper in the taiga. He would not have to go somewhere. And if you - and successful business woman, which need to adhere to travel? Each trip turns into a real test of willpower.

Reasons for aerophobia set. Everyoneafraid to fly for the first time. The question is: why some are flights, quietly go on a plane the next time, and even the thought of other planes causes panic attacks? Center of psychological support a couple of years ago found that 62% aerophobia "sick" for no apparent reason. That is the idea sounds absurdly, in terms of a healthy person, like this: "I stopped flyingBecause I can not stand the flights and flights, I can not stand, because I'm afraid to break".

No reasonable arguments and examples of positive statistics can not help to overcome the fear of flying. When aerophobia someone scares "fragility" of the aircraft - it's just a tin with a pair of engines, can fall apart right in the sky, if suddenly struck by lightning or rain starts. Frighten other potential disaster. Still others are experiencing because of their own health.

There is another category - peoplefear of flyingOnly because they do not themselves operate aircraft. Men and women are afraid differently. Women scares alleged accident, terrorists, or their own emotions. Men are afraid of the process of flight in which they do not participate.

Well, if the work and lifestyle of a person with aerophobia not connected with the Mission: currently sits quietly in the forest, with bees communicate, collect honey. On the seas and distant countries are not dreaming, career top medzhera does not. And if you are successful young energetic woman who has only one drawback -fear flights. And statistics show that the higher intelligence of a woman, the more likely they are to suffer from aerophobia.

Be in place of the person whoafraid of flyingNo one wants - a person begins a heartbeat, he gasps back runs cold clammy sweat. Everyone prefers to be treated alone and often uses all known methods ancestors - get drunk and forget. However, if a man can afford it, the true lady, this is not an option. Especially when coming negotiations after planting. The woman must always be at the height even if the height of 3000 meters above the ground.
Women are more likely afraid of flyingThan men. And the reaction from them more expressive: the quiet tears up public hysteria - a half-step. But what to do when it is necessary to fly? There are a few rules that, if not completely relieve the fear, then at least can "soften" his symptoms.

1. Never be late for a landing. At the airport is better to come in advance to not twitch at the very desk. Look through magazines, look at the person pacified flown - and you will realize that everything in this life will be good.

2. Tickets buy off the nose of the aircraft. There is not audible noise of the engines, which causes irritation. If you are afraid of heights and then sit closer to the aisle. It will be more convenient and the other point of view - ask for a glass of water at a flight attendant, go to the toilet, if not feel well.

3. Do not lean on a sedative. Firstly drugs act only on those who fly rarely, secondly they are not too long action, and the grass is not a favorite tranquilizers no urgent need.

4. Do not drink before the flight. We mean alcoholic beverages. Alcohol, of course, acts as relaxing the one hand, but on the other hand to control interferes emotions. Not yet known, which may seemed to intemperate head and then fear can triple.

5. Try not to drink tea or coffee. These drinks cause palpitations and arrhythmia with phobias and so mad. It is better to drink water or juice. By the way, the adrenaline that the body releases under stress, perfectly eliminated via the kidneys. So that the liquid will not be superfluous.

6. Learn to meditate. Buy the appropriate music, turn on the player, put on your headphones and focus on your breathing - you will not notice as flying over.

7. Communicate. We, women, reputation boltushek. So we can safely talk about anything. Ask a neighbor about the children, friends, wives, husbands ... All this will help to get distracted and forget about fear.

8. Warn personnel about their problems - there is nothing to be ashamed of. Stuarts usually prepared and know how to help a person with aerophobia.

9. Do not panic at the slightest pretext. Do not listen to the noise of engines - you do not mahannik, how do you know how they should hum? Do not look for signs of anxiety in the face of a flight attendant, she may just be tired smile and slightly relaxed face.

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Women's magazine JustLady urges to accept the recommendation of the charming and attractive flyer in full dawn of forces - Carlson: "Calm, just calm." And it is not bad advise.

 Natalia Toropova
Women's magazine JustLady

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I stopped flying - I'm afraid to break. How to stop being afraid to fly?
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