How to respond to a marriage proposal

How to respond to a marriage proposal
 All the girls from early childhood dream of a prince on a white horse, which will be followed by a magnificent and full of romance marriage proposal. But in real life is much more serious than the childhood dreams.
 In the romantic melodrama, where the main character says "yes", and the female half of the audience crying at movie screens, everything is perfect. Or not perfect, but then all the problems are resolved quickly and ahead of a long and happy life with her beloved. In fact, the marriage proposal - someone else test, for both men and women. Therefore, the very first and basic rule - do not rush with the decision. Maybe all carefully consider you give the answer, absolutely opposite momentary emotional outburst. Wait a few days until all the dust settles passion and euphoria will pass from one of the major events in the life of every woman. Modern psychologists advise necessarily live in a civil marriage before the wedding, at least a few weeks or months. Use this time for a final decision.

Not everyone wants to mad love and passionate feelings. On some emotions, as you know, can not build a strong family, so sometimes enough respect and understanding. In this case, no harm will think about whether the choice to protect future family, whether he is able to provide its material, whether he likes children, whether to remain faithful and appreciate comfort. Sometimes such a model relationship is stronger compared to the raging ocean passions.

The main thing - do not listen to advice. No one knows the correct answer, but it does not exist. Think not only the mind but also the heart. It only tells you whether or not to build a family with this person or should look for another candidate. Life will put everything in its place, so anticipate how the rest of the marriage, is almost impossible. Enjoy magical moments with friends and loved man, and boldly say, "I agree" if the inner voice says, "Yes, this is it." In the end, each of us, there are many incredible stories about crazy marriages, which continue to this day.

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How to respond to a marriage proposal
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