How to keep love in a relationship

How to keep love in a relationship
 Over time, many senses dulled. They lose their former freshness, no longer the passion, energy and desire. But this does not mean that love goes, it just mutates over time. There are no long-term relationship without crisis. It is important to learn to overcome it all together and try to keep the warmth and tenderness.
 It is very important to be a person with their own interests, with their living space and desires. To educate ourselves, go ahead, try to vary the routine.

Interests of the partners. Big mistake in a relationship is that you at some point may think you know this man as yourself. Once you are sure, you subconsciously cease to be a partner active interest. And love comes to replace indifference. So do not make the mistake of thinking that you know someone too well. Try all the time to open your partner with new parties.

Let each other be in solitude. Each person has come such periods in life when you need to be alone with yourself, meditate or just relax. Do not interfere with the partner, if he showed such a desire.

Be generous emotionally. Give gifts and take them with gratitude. Not necessarily often give expensive things, even a small thing can be very valuable. The main thing - to do everything wholeheartedly.

Take care of yourself. Untidiness - your enemy. Try to always look good. No torn robes and stretch trousers. You should look to please each other.

Make love. Without sex full relations between men and women simply did not happen. The ability to feel a partner to deliver and have fun creates intimacy between two people, not only the physical, but also on a spiritual level.

Try to tell the truth. If you need something from your partner, just ask, do not need to rely on his wits. Directness and honesty - a sure guarantee that you will be easy to communicate. If you are dissatisfied with something, let us know what is open, looking into his eyes. Silence should not be offended. Silence destroys love.

Speak quietly. Try less to raise his voice. Even in the most critical situations, try to keep the cool head. Sometimes emotions - your enemy.

Criticise the benefit. Remember that relationship - not the result of this process. And in those moments when you are no longer something to hold, try to talk about it. Think together, how to change the situation for the better. Do not be afraid to compromise, if you so request loved one.

Be thankful. Appreciate what you have, try to maximize what you already have, instead of dreaming about something unrealizable or rebuke partner that it not enough for you, or trying to do.

Do not treat your loved as a person, which it is necessary to alter to fit your ideal image. If he will always feel a sense that is not good enough for you, it will ruin the relationship. I enjoy it for what it is, with all the pluses and minuses. And try to focus on the merits and not on the shortcomings.

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