How to get rid osteohandroz

How to get rid osteohandroz
 Osteochondrosis - a dystrophic changes in the cartilage of the joints, which leads to loss of mobility and flexibility of the spine. Affect any joint but usually intervertebral discs. With the progression of osteoarthritis, changes occur in the vertebrae. The disease is very serious, so it is necessary to understand the causes and ways to prevent it.
 As in traditional and official medicine existing treatments aimed at the elimination of inflammation and analgesia in the intervertebral disc. To do this, not appointed by narcotic analgesics. The choice of drug depends on its value to patients individual tolerance, presence of comorbidities, as well as the severity of pain.

These drugs can be kaleflon, baralgin, tempalgin, pentalgin, ortofen, phenylbutazone, aspirin, paracetamol, analgin and others. In acute pain intramuscularly or intravenously administered pirabutol, reopirin, 6aralgin, analginum. All medications must be prescribed by a doctor not to harm other organs.

As a prophylactic and therapeutic agent effective herbal tea from the flowers of linden, hawthorn and wild rose, blackberry leaves, chamomile flowers, hop cones, bark, marshmallow, marjoram, mint and lemon balm, motherwort, fennel and cumin seeds, valerian root (in various combinations) . Herbs pre-milled, mixed (can be added to black tea) and sealed. Drink like a normal tea, preferably with honey.

In many cases, greatly facilitates the condition of patients with manipulative therapy. With the help of massagers massage can be performed independently. While squeezing the blood vessels or nerve roots in the spinal canal treatment is effective traction.

There are vertical or horizontal, dry or underwater traction. Paravertebral muscles to relax before dry traction take a warm bath or apply a heating pad for 10 minutes at a temperature of 37-40 degrees. Duration stretching - 2 hours, the tensile force - from 2 to 40 kilograms.

For stress relief, pain in osteochondrosis there are many exercises. They aim to eliminate spasms, pain relief, restoration of blood circulation in the muscles of the back. The most important thing - all exercises are performed without any sudden movements. Gradually, day by day, increased range of motion and repetition.

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How to get rid osteohandroz
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