How to improve sex life

How to improve sex life
 No matter how you love your other half, sooner or later there comes a decline in the relationship of sexual attraction. Intimate life becomes mundane and mediocre. This is not good for relations, so we need to improve the quality of sex immediately. Make passion inflamed with new force, not too hard.

First of all, think about how you express yourself in bed. If you have more stiffness and currently can not afford to, get their own emancipation. Sexual contact with loved ones and the only man there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Take yourself and your body for what they are. Love and appreciate yourself. Are serious about their desires, especially sex.

Talk with your partner about sex. Find out what it does not like what he would like to change. Tell him about your preferences and desires. Getting to know each other's preferences, you will experience new sensations and emotions. Ask a partner, how to best please him and explain what you expect from him caresses you.

Be true pleasure openly. Man must see that gives you pleasure. Ability to satisfy a woman flatters him, so let's figure in bed, that he is to you an ideal lover.

Do not pretend to orgasm. If you do not enjoy sex with a regular partner, should immediately investigate this issue and understand what he is doing is not in bed. Regular sex without desire may harm women's health.

Can improve sex novelty items. Buy erotic adult film and see it together with the chosen one in the evening. Sexy mood you both provided. Better to choose a high-quality erotica with an interesting plot.

Try new positions, which, by the way, you can borrow from the characters in the film.

Diversify a prelude to sex. Arrange an evening of erotic Thai massage. Prepare the room for the arrival of a loved one, adorning it with fresh flowers and scented candles. Not necessarily at the same time have the skills of a professional masseur. To massage different parts of his naked body - hands, lips, tips of hair. Massage every part of the body partner. This session will expire rapid continuation.

You may want to include fantasy and role-play games. Men remain children all their lives, so they do not always play away. You can come up with a game of strip or the most exquisite tenderness.

Do not use all the tips to improve sex life immediately. Stretch diversity, enjoying every time something new and unknown. Working on the intimate sphere of relations, you will never lose interest in partner and will always be cherished.

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