From Dusk Till Dawn: his age and your sex

From Dusk Till Dawn: his age and your sex
 Some men really like to joke about women's age, presenting women of forty - fifty years, not the interests of women in terms of sexual relations. In fact, such a joke from the mouth of a middle-aged man - a sign of his own complexes. This is it for young girls try to show a stiff upper lip at least where, while the older woman at the mere sight of him would put the correct diagnosis about what it will be in bed. And this is a diagnosis for his offensive and disappointing.

There are wonderful, purely female saying: "For myself, I always lie down." And it's true, because the woman almost always ready for sexual intercourse. Men are so willing can not boast. Of course, in the years 16 - 30, they still differ hyperactivity and gipersposobnostyami, but some already 25 years, there is some satiety and the number of possible sexual acts during the night is markedly reduced.

Sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, excessive passion for beer, smoking, constant stress at work by the age of forty are made of many impotent men latent, that even with a strong sexual desire to resort to additional tricks to prolong an erection. Many of them at this time forever leave the "great sex", becoming a workaholic and very rarely, if ever, are not fulfilling their responsibilities spouse.

The few men who have kept to the age of fifty, the ability to regular sex, too, have changed their style in bed. Those who remained attached to his wife, or has a permanent partner, become more gentle and unhurried. Sex with a man - a pleasure. With permanent partner he did not seem to be afraid of insolvent macho, and will feel comfortable and confident in any case. He will never leave your partner unsatisfied and get the process fun, even if it does not happen ejaculation.

For those of "adult" men who are not lucky with a constant lover, the only way to stay young girl whose elastic body can still somehow arouse their aging flesh. Furthermore, in contrast to the "adult" women, girls are not so demanding and sophisticated in bed, short-term sexual intercourse for them - the norm.

So when you hear jokes about women "who are over ...", you can only smile at it, because now you know the nature of these jokes, and that trying to hide behind them a "joker".

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