Sex for the mind

Sex for the mind
 The current generation has long been known that the instinct of reproduction - is sex. Sex - is the highest form of intimacy, from which it is very difficult to abstain and refuse. Nature is so constituted the human body that are not living a sexual life, a person can simply wilt like a flower. After you have sex in the body is a mad rush of energy. Sex also serves as a relaxing agent. After all, almost every one of us after a hard day want to relax, get that same euphoria.

During sex reduces weight, because sex - a kind of exercise. One sexual intercourse burns about 200 calories and the same amount you can burn doing on the treadmill for 15 minutes.

Sex helps eliminate depression, prevents the flu and sore throat, improves the condition of the teeth and the bladder.

Also, sex, there are many other useful features. For example, scientists have proven that you have sex in human brain cells multiply. Consequently, a person becomes a little smarter. Thus, developing memory, thinking. But I would like to touch on the fact that a person does not always satisfy the sex. And this is one of the most serious problems of humanity. In sexually active people is quite well developed part of the brain that contains the memory cells. People who regularly experience orgasm increase their intellectual development, but on the condition that a permanent sexual partner. You have sex in the blood of the body produces adrenaline and cortisone. It is these two hormones stimulate the brain.

But it is not so simple. Sex - it's not just physical intimacy, which we enjoy. The key word here is "fun." Not all people find this approach in bed to give each other a pleasant. And if you do not have an orgasm, it does not mean that the proximity of the person does not feel any pleasure.

Anyway, in the process of sex, people exchange fluids that enter directly into the brain of our central nervous system. As shown by recent research psychologists, a man after sex is able to engage in scientific affairs at 30% more productive than people who did not have sex. And those people whose sex was not more than half a year in general can give them 40%.

To summarize and draw conclusions, we can safely say that sex affects the human mental activity only on the positive side. Take care of your health and intellectual development.

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