What men do not say women

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 Whatever one thinks of the man to his favorite, no matter how sincere their relationship was not, still there are some things that he would never tell his girlfriend. Unlike women, who in a fit of tenderness, and sometimes even anger, can give a man all the most intimate.

Girls think that when a man expresses them their erotic fantasies, so he tells all. As they are wrong. After all, they do not realize that in addition to what he admits during sex with her for a variety of relationships, he has a lot of unspoken. For example, he would not recognize any erotic desire and how many times a day it is visited at the sight of sexy ladies - their work colleagues.

Also, men never talk about doubts about their sexual opportunities. Everyone secretly wants to look in the eyes of the girl, so consummate macho. So after he spent the night in the secret hope of waiting for your praise, not getting it, will be long tormented by doubts whether all had normal.

Yet they do not tell you about their failures. Unless, of course, it's a real man, not some weakling. All their problems a normal guy trying to solve on their own.

He also never recognized his girlfriend in a sense of envy for her professional success. After all, men in any case consider themselves smarter than any woman. Whatever success in their careers or she has reached, no matter how showed his mental faculties, he would pretend that he was very happy for her. But if it will be earning more than him or takes up post - the secret envy will always be the third between you. And it's not because he's so bad. Just a man - a leader by nature, and they are hard to accept that the weak half surpassed it.

And they do not say that the soul is very afraid of losing you. As they experience about you, worried - they say it is. Sometimes you can even hear from them: "What would I do without you lived ?! "But deep down they are hidden secret for fear of losing you (unless, of course, for him that you are the one and only).

Well, there's every couple of their particular secrets that he never will give a woman. But do not insist on this and. Each person has their own world, a corner of the soul, where there is no access to others, even the most expensive people. Therefore, do not let this upset. Most importantly, he really loves you, and not hiding, always talking about it.

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