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 In regards communication with loved ones is just as important as trust, physical compatibility, love, etc. However, there are a few things that you should not ask your man. This will help avoid many scandals misunderstanding. In a conversation with men, women should talk as little as possible, while investing the maximum meaning in his words.

First you need to get used to the fact that men rarely talk about their feelings. That is why you should not ask a lot of questions relating to how much he loves you. If you ask for it too often, in a "beautiful" day he can say "I do not like." Before again torment favorite unnecessary questions, think about what you already know the answer. Rather make your man a surprise, after which he will carry you on their hands and repeat it to you as lucky.

Another "favorite" question of women: "Why do you love me? ". Listen to myself. Surely, even the most self-sacrificing woman can not definitely answer it. It is impossible to love someone for something, whether it's social status, financial well-being, beauty, etc.

Another popular question: "You are with me okay? ". In most cases, such a phrase is in bed when a girl wants to hear about what is a good lover. Except that many guys do not understand. They are, by definition, will not sleep with a woman who is not interested in them. So do not spoil the mutual pleasure too many questions, irritating guy.

But, as always, the first place belongs to the reign favorite female issue that girls ask on the phone. Certainly, many guessed that it was: "Where are you? ". Day after day, men have to listen to it, giving a detailed account of where they are located, their environment and employment. To make it, patience should be limitless. Unfortunately, most men regard such a curiosity as a desire to control his life. As a result - many arguments, claims and other negative moments in the couple's relationship.

It's not all issues that may perplex and annoy your man. Look carefully for his reaction and try not to ask those things that irritate him.

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