To live a life with a man-egoist

To live a life with a man-egoist
 Unfortunately, it is not uncommon of "mama's boys" grow such hyper-selfish that it is difficult to arrange his personal life: women, to understand what to live with him, running at full speed. But to live with selfish it is possible, you just have to be patient.

Outset: this is only possible if you yourself are not selfish. The union of two egoists impossible in principle: everyone will always pull the blanket over himself, blame the partner insufficient attention, wag other nerves. It is not hard to understand, sustain such a hassle for a long time nobody can, and is it necessary? Such an alliance priori doomed to failure.

It is quite another thing, if the two of you selfish is only your favorites. It should be noted that this is not uncommon. Maternal instinct inherent in the nature of woman, helps to overcome selfish traits. The man is so instinct is not, but because he has a good chance to grow into a severe, terry egoist. Especially if the family he was an only child, and his parents all his life was blown off with a speck of dust.

Live with selfish easy. And not just easy, but very difficult. And you will be able to it only if you have the patience to reserve the size of Lake Baikal. Actually, the main key to success of living together with selfish - it is patience, patience and again patience. Always selects the best piece of myself with the dish? Tell him that it's not too politely, as if the words do not help, go ahead - serve his prince plate with a finished portion to anything he poking around the dish. Believes that the temperature of 37, 2 (it) - it is an occasion to beat the alarm bells, strongly cherish it and invite a dozen of the world's luminaries in medicine for consultation? Please make a joke: going to work, leave him a warm scarf, a jar of raspberry jam and warming up ointment. A thermometer hide.

There is an option to try to convert selfish, out of him ugly habit. But think about it: would have liked you, if someone started with maniacal persistence you remodel itself? Sturm is not necessary! It is better to act on the principle of "water wears away the stone." Who knows, maybe in time you will be able to raise your selfish in quite a decent family man?

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