Three major mistakes men in sex

Three major mistakes men in sex
 Mistakes do everything. But there are mistakes, which after the situation may change for the worse. The latter concerns and sex, doing a lot of men who manage to make a fatal mistake. What is most annoying women?

The very first mistake - this is a dream immediately after sex. It is clear that nature has tried to arrange it so that people rested after some effort. But if the stronger sex snore immediately after with intima done, any woman would, at least, upset and disappointed.

A woman may even accuse this man of callousness. So the dream aside and talk with a partner: she deserved attention after mutual love comfort. If you want to sleep very much, just get up and offer his woman together for coffee - drowsiness immediately evaporate.

The second error also shows disrespect for life girlfriend. If sex is over, do not miss the clothes and immediately run to finish unfinished business. Sit or lie down next to a woman at least a few minutes.

It will definitely be very grateful to you for such attention. After ten minutes and leave for a few minutes. But do not leave your partner for good, because then it will be convinced that you need only sex.

To convince his girlfriend that you need not only carnal fun, but also a more serious relationship, you can pay attention to it all your attention. And here you do not have a TV assistant. So do not even think of turning away from the ladies after sex, immediately search for the remote.

Watching TV immediately after sex guarantees that you deem absolutely insensitive and indifferent. If so much want to include box, offer TV with his partner. Then she might react to your Telemann more loyal.

No doubt there are other errors that may affect the formation of opinion about you. But it is above mistakes hurt women the most significant. After all, they suggest that the man ignores the favorite for the sake of their own desires.

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