Secrets of great sex

Secrets of great sex
 What is the secret of good sex? Partners must be sufficiently excited to have unlimited free time and love the same thing. All this you get well every night. But how to achieve not just good, but great sex, and even arrange it so that it was not you every few years for special dates, as frequently or even permanently?

The secret of great sex to this event does not get tired of his routine and predictability. You do this in the pitch dark when the curtains drawn, and only at night? Try to experiment and to conduct a sex session in the afternoon or just turn on a bright light. Men, by the way, more excited when they can see the body and face your partner, quite apart from what it build.

Do not skimp on foreplay. At the beginning of the process, both partners should be well warmed up. And if the man quickly to the desired degree of arousal is not a big difficulty, the woman needs a little more time. If you hurry, then may ssadinki stay, and at the beginning of passionate movements girl may not be very nice. So do not be afraid to lose so that time - do not lose, but on the contrary, will get an additional bonus as a highly excited and more vivid emotions.

Tell each other something nice and exciting. Men, despite the fact that they love the eyes, come to the delight of passionate moans and cries partner. Of course, the sound should be natural and in any case not played enough in this case, you risk losing his confidence and pass simulyatorshey. By the way, if a man yells and screams even during orgasm, there is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, a woman sees that her beloved is good and receives from it extra fun.

Experiment not only with the poses, but also the places in your home where you can have sex. If all horizontal surfaces you have already mastered, perhaps it's time to climb the wall of the horizontal bar-Soviet era, or the washing machine in the bathroom? By the way, if you do all the activities during the washing machine, additional stimulation as vibration and noise is provided to you.

Who said that role-playing games for perverts? Try to start something simple and requires no special costumes. For example, plumbing and lonely housewife or maid in seductive apron and excited son of wealthy parents. Dressing and fitting on the strange role not only helps to relax, but also to give your sex play a completely different tone.

Try to get out of the house and have sex somewhere else: in the car, outdoors or in a hotel. It does not matter where you do it, it is much more important that you get a new experience and the opportunity to experience the pleasure that was previously unknown to you. Experiment!

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