Living with a failure - what to do?

Living with a failure - what to do?
 Sometimes you come across a promising young man, very promising in science or business plan to slowly future that seems bright carefree holiday. But in the end get a husband, conducting the days of finding a job, or a parody of the unlucky businessman, each project which fails miserably.

What if the husband was an ordinary loser? Several scenarios. You can take herself and her husband with an iron fist, to find him a job and literally force them to engage in at least something. You can leave alone and drag all the family on her fragile shoulders. Under this option will need remarkable strength to never a word did not accuse her lover in inaction and lack of will.

Consider the fact that the children of such a father would be a model of behavior and role model, so you'll have to do everything to the children grew up with respect to his father, regardless of whether or not it lucky.

Why tide has turned against her husband? Try to look at the situation from the outside. Maybe you are indirectly involved in his bad luck? Some men explain the failure exorbitant demands spouse. They openly say that the wife drives in bondage requirements: that her fur coat, Bring, then a new car, a trip to the popular resort.

Try to change and revise the plan. In the end, Moderate appetites, at least temporarily. Remember, once you can do without trips to expensive restaurants or spas. Give her husband to rest and gain strength. Show that you are not just demanding wife, but I understand a friend who is willing to support at a difficult time.

If the husband - a banal victim of circumstances or time does not fit into the reality or lost his place in life as a result of internal crisis or objective events, give her husband a chance to change. There is nothing wrong with that for a while you will earn money, and my husband will watch the house.

The hardest thing in if married, having some hope that the husband is required to change - for example, the birth of a child. As the proverb says, people do not change, the only change is relevant to them. It is unlikely that the spouse will start grabbing stars from the sky just for you, even miracles happen. Otherwise, you will suffer a profound disappointment, and marriage fall apart.

Before taking the fateful decision to let her husband another chance. Perhaps love would motivate him to feats of labor.

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