Let's start first? Whether to return their "former"

Let's start first? Whether to return their "former"
 Quarrels are common even among people who love each other. Unfortunately, sometimes they spend to separation. Time passes and you realize that you made a mistake. If you stop blaming his "former" and increasingly repent of what had happened, realizing that missed their happiness, perhaps we should try to get it back.
 Over time, resentment and bad forgotten. But there are reasons behind them. Some of these reasons are quite amenable to correction, can be formulated and resolved by mutual agreement and diligence. But there are those who are unlikely to be corrected.

If your loved one is constantly changing you, was aggressive, rude, or to dismiss his hands, expect a correction would be foolish. Sooner or later he will do so again. You can start again only if you decide that they are willing to tolerate it and forget about pride and self-esteem. In that case, when you have decided to put on a cross, or simply suffer from masochism, a pathology that does not heal on their own.

And here are other reasons, become a cause for misunderstanding that led to the separation, can be corrected. This, for example, sloppiness, unwillingness to help, carelessness or selfishness. When you and your "former" ready to admit them at home and try to eliminate such a constructive approach will allow you to re-start a relationship and not to repeat the same mistakes.

In that case, when you decide to return his "former", take your time. Your sadness and longing for him may be due simply to the fact that you are used to it and solitude oppresses you. Will live alone, try not to sit at home, where everything reminds us of former happiness, clear away all your pictures together, his stuff. Try to have fun - to meet up with old friends, make new acquaintances.

Throw away doubt, most remember the reasons and arguments in favor of separation, which you yourself once led. Because then they seemed convincing and true to you. Your inner intuition told you that this person does not make you happy, so it may be wise to trust her. Serious relationships that were with you, not so easy to break. If this had happened, then they become obsolete and no longer met the needs of your life.

Do not attempt to return it only out of fear of being alone. When the passage of time your pain does not subside, and you'll see that no one to replace him will not, maybe it is worth trying to return his love. But do it very carefully do not show him my burning desire to be together again, even more so, do not try to put pressure on the pity. One should not try to manipulate or blackmail him. Express regret the break and give him time to think. If you can, stay until just friends, and time will show what was true - the decision to break or reunion.

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