How to teach him to give gifts

How to teach him to give gifts
 When one person loves another, he is trying to please him, and give gifts - is one way to prove his love. Therefore, if a man says he loves, but you did not wait on him any gifts, it is alarming.
 No one denies that there may be objective reasons why he does so. Maybe he does not have funds for this, does not know what to give you, believes that gifts are given only on holidays, or that the word is more important than obscure trinkets. These are only some embodiments and there may be many more. In order to find out what applies to your man, it will take time and the ability to subtly and start a conversation from a distance, that he did not think that you want him to know. When the cause of his behavior is obvious, can be gradually decide how to deal with one of the convictions. But it will take time, but for now you can use the following trick.

Talk with admiration about what gifts to give to your girlfriends and female employees to work their men. Do not forget to mention that we launched - a good proof of love on the part of men.

Serve him an example. Make small gifts, but pay attention to why you decided to make him a present. So you can see how it applies to gifts (or saves them for him nothing inconspicuous things) and touch the subject. Praise if he uses a gift, stores it, and gently hint that you would like to have a thing from him that it was like for him. If a gift for him does not mean anything, then ask what caused this attitude. So you can understand her man.

Responds correctly. When a man gives you even something small, be sure to thank him and show that you have a very important manifestation of such attention. Behave so that the man was a desire to make gifts, and that he never for a moment the idea that you need his money and gifts, and not him.

Tell me straight. This does not mean you have to tell him indignantly that he "redneck who does not understand basic things." No. In appropriate circumstances, when he is relaxed and express their feelings, ask how he felt when you made him a gift. After his response reassure you love it is important, but it is also important for you to see its manifestation, and Gifts - a great opportunity to do so.

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