How to choose a gift for a loved one for the New Year

How to choose a gift for a loved one for the New Year
 For the New Year on the doorstep. He brings hope for a better, holiday chores, cheerful mood. At the same time, makes women puzzle over the question of how to choose a gift for your loved one? And to please him, and was affordable, and came just right.
 First of all, try to clearly present, in which "price limits" you need to keep. Give some unpretentious a cheap trinket, of course, is not: and the woman uncomfortable, and a man can not to take offense, but just do not experience joy. On the other hand, to present as a gift a very expensive thing (even if a woman is completely secured and can afford it) is also a bit awkward. After all, from time immemorial custom, what men should give expensive things. So decide with some average amount.

Next, try to mentally take the place of your favorite and think: what kind of a present would deliver him pleasure, and ideally - would lead to the delight? It is very easy - to look at life through the eyes of the opposite sex, but still try. The effort will be compensated.

For example, your favorite - a passionate fan of the active, healthy lifestyle, and at the first opportunity to choose the nature? Then, as a gift to suit any subject, indispensable for the tourist. A good sleeping bag or backpack, billy on a tripod, a thermos. If he likes to combine these trips with fishing, then you can safely give him spinning set of spinners, inertia reel. If necessary, consult with familiar men well versed with such things.

Or situation is the opposite, and your favorite - a dedicated homebody who loves comfort, delicious food and fine drinks? Enjoy a bottle of his favorite whiskey or brandy. Try to only make purchases in large, proven stores or directly from the distributor, not to fall into an awkward position: fake alcohol now, alas, very much.

If he loves literature, here God himself commanded to teach him a few books a favorite author or just the genre that your man prefers. Preferably with warm dedicatory inscription.

Sometimes, despite all the mental effort, no suitable lady thought comes to mind. Best solution in this situation are the words: "My dear, I've just got exhausted from anxiety. I so want to please you gift. You to be truly happy. Please, at least hint, what would you like to get for New Year? "With a probability of 99%, a man" melt "and give all the necessary information. Especially if the question will be asked gentle, loving voice.

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