Control men. If he loves his eyes

Control men. If he loves his eyes
 All people, depending on how they perceive information, divided into four groups: visuals, audialy, kinesthetic, discrete. The first better understand and remember, if they show the object, the latter - if they hear his description, and others - if they touch a thing. But the fourth, most small audience, store data only when comprehend them.
 Most of the population visuals, with men much more visual than women with the same perception. Perhaps that is why there was a phrase that men love with their eyes. And if an eye on how behave representatives of different sex in the street, it can even prove it. Often men see women and girls, sometimes accompany their eyes. But they do so not only to assess prelestnits thus they simply perceive the information.

Ask a question and the man suddenly see where he looked. If his gaze directed to the left and up in front of you a visual. And they have to manage with the help of visual objects. That the representative of the stronger sex memorized information, write to her. You can highlight date in the calendar, leaving small little notes around the house with the planned works, write SMS. Such men are poorly remember what they hear. Therefore, if you want it to do some business, write him a plan. You can send a reminder by e-mail or ICQ. If you do so, can easily control the visual.

If you want to fall in love with a man or permanently bind it to yourself, use the same channels: namely, his vision. Never allow yourself to be in his presence, look untidy. You should always be perfect styling, manicures, pedicures and beautiful clothes. By the way, do not wear too revealing outfits, a visual it will soon get bored. In your wardrobe must be things that are only hinted at erotica. For example, long translucent skirt, loose blouse with a cut on the sleeves and more. The only way you will be able to tame the visual. Arrange the apartment photographs in which you are together. You can also send these pictures via the Internet. This behavior will only strengthen your relationship.

Never attempt to achieve anything during phone calls, only in person! This is especially true of serious questions. If you want to get the approval of a decision, describe your offer using visual words "see", "view", "look" and so on. Describe the picture, so that it can all imagine. And then you can achieve if not approved, at least to consider your proposal.

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