Sex in Russia, and how it influenced the present

Sex in Russia, and how it influenced the present
 Unfortunately, this little known, but with absolute certainty you can say: sex in Russia was. Otherwise, you and me would not be! Part of the weak knowledge of sex can be explained by the fact that, firstly, there was no one document occurring between lovers rituals, because writing has appeared with Christianity. Secondly, the monks have mastered the first script and gender issues they were not interested. That is why there are no ancient literature, which could be devoted to sex. The only document relating to family affairs, was "Domostroy", which appeared only in the middle of the XVI century. Until that time, was vulgar oral folklore: tales, sayings, proverbs and riddles ...

Slavs about sex more than positive. Meet and polygamy and bigamy. Byzantine historians in his writings mentioned that the Slavs could have up to four wives, and Prince Vladimir I, christened Russia officially had 12 wives.

In pagan times sex played a big role, but it was quite common, without chastity and without Carta. He was directly related to the Slavs ideas about the world. Water, fire, wind, sun - all these elements, in their opinion, has a soul, the floor, so they were not alien to human and alive. Many ceremonies, celebrations, customs not think without sexual connotation. For example, the festivities in honor of the goddess of fertility Lada accompanied by dances, dancing and jumping. And when jumping dance clothes and bares bullied exposed areas of the body. It is not hard to guess what was the final night of action.

With the advent of the X century on Russian soil and strengthen Christianity church authority began to change the attitude toward sex. Of course, not immediately, but still. In the post, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays was mandatory abstinence. If the count is in strict compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions on sex remained about 50-60 days a year.

In marriage, sex is allowed only in a single position - face to face or on-missionary. All other options were considered sinful. At confession, the priest asks people how they do it, and in the case of supposed infractions punishable by a long penance of three to ten years. Sex standing also forbidden, because to conceive of such a position is more complicated. Kissing also recommended to exclude.

Thus, the church influenced attitudes toward sex. For several centuries in the subconscious mind formed such that sex - is something sinful, shameful. Moreover, there is consciously related to the sexual sphere support the prevailing attitude toward sex.

That church has announced some shameful words that were once the most common words. For example, before to enter into intimate relationship unmarried girl was called a whore, and without any negative connotation, and in the XVII century "whore" has become a dirty word.

This vocabulary affects people in modern life. For example, the child is a child knows that there are good and bad words. Adults can use these words, not reflecting on the content automatically, and the child has other more concrete thinking. Because he does not know how to use such abstract concepts and fills bad words with concrete content. Thus, the "bad" forms lexicon since childhood attitude to the genitals, supposedly as something indecent.

Now in our society, it is believed that sex - it's intimate, private issue. So far this is the only area that involves self-education. All information in the media regarding sex is negative. That is, it turns out that in today's society dominated by the old negative attitude toward sex in general, although there were many other phenomena of nature, but so far they have not found official endorsement in our society.

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