Propensity to trust and lie detection

Propensity to trust and lie detection
 A recent experiment of American psychologists discovered an interesting pattern. Most accurately reveal someone else may lie precisely those people who are inclined to trust each other. Those who are too distrustful, on the contrary, is more difficult to detect lies and therefore more likely to fall for the hype.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that people are more open attentive to his interlocutors. Their sincere interest in people and how they behave and what they say is the best tool for the study of human nature. Friendly attitude to people helps them to understand people better than suspicion and constant expectation of a negative.

Psychologists also argue that too distrustful and suspicious people who may themselves be prone to deception and lies, and therefore does not allow for the idea that people can always be truthful. A deceived so often just because they think they do not cheat.

People trust other people, often do not naive romantics who believe only in good. Usually they themselves more truthful than others. So the lie they see as simple as a non-smoker instantly uchuet smell of cigarette smoke from other clothes, just because the smell is unusual for him, is foreign. Habit to be honest and expect the same from others develops properties are determined lie on trifles.

A man who lies, deception gives your facial expressions and involuntary movements, changes in speech. For example, someone who lies often looks away from the interlocutor, trying not to meet his gaze. After all eyes betray our true thoughts and feelings directly. No wonder they are called the mirror of the soul.

Also deceiver subconsciously trying to dissociate itself from the interlocutor. Clasped his arms, the position of the foot on the leg during a conversation may indicate that a person tells a lie.

Especially if it is combined with the fact that people are constantly touching their hair, mouth, nose or ear, as if trying to cover up lying about his mouth and divert attention from his companion lies. Another often those who lie, commit unexpected pause in the conversation, as if they need to think about the answer to a direct question. Often they are too wordy, as if in a stream ado try to hide the word lie.

If several of these symptoms is present, then the person is attentive signal that maybe his cheating.

Those who are too mistrustful, or he is inclined to lie, or is afraid of deception. And in fact, and in another case, it sometimes fails to properly consider those features that are easy to understand people, open and trusting. And so it sometimes allows himself to be deceived.

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