Psychological causes of excess weight

Psychological causes of excess weight
 Excess weight can be caused by metabolic disorders or poor lifestyle choices, but if not, a person still eats without listening to your body, the causes of obesity are in the field of psychology. The root of all human problems is precisely in the head, and excess weight is no exception.

There are several common reasons why many people eat and get fat. She is one of the most common - it wont be good, even to the detriment of their own desires, learned in childhood. After all, how often parents said something about a "society of clean plates", argued that good children all eat, and even get paid for it candy or something else tasty. The desire for praise firmly stuck in my head of a man who thinks that we should fail to eat all that lies on a plate, leaving it empty. In the future, a clean plate is no longer a guarantee of correct behavior, but a habit learned in childhood remains.

Sometimes a layer of fat is accumulated in the figure as a psychological barrier. Some people unconsciously fear of intimacy, so they seem designed to build your body barrier that prevents them from being attractive. A girl can sit on a diet, but subconsciously it will seek to be full in order to maintain their "statks quo." Sometimes people who have experienced trauma - serious separation - are also becoming complete. Their friends are surprised, but the man just wants so close to a cruel world.

Differences in the family, frequent quarrels and scandals can also trigger excess weight. Organism under stress ceases to feel the point at which the need for food is lost, so she continues to have, not noticing that has long been fed.

Some people eat because the taste of the product allows them to relive some special feeling in my head cause pleasant memories. Love and care, which is associated in most women with delicious and nutritious home-made food, the one who feeds a child my grandmother and mother, a woman forced to gorge during the difficult psychological experiences.

Some women decide to lose weight, but it's worth it once "break" and eat too much, they immediately panic, cease to control themselves. To protect against internal discomfort, they are trying to eat more and more, as much as possible, trying to drown because their deep feelings.

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