Fulfillment of desires: the mystic arts or systemic thinking?

Fulfillment of desires: the mystic arts or systemic thinking?
 Surely you've seen people who have come true, if not all, then certainly the majority of desires. Friends say about them: "I was lucky." But luck can only be outside. Is on the way to their desires, these people are not making any effort?

There are a few rules that successful people are, sometimes consciously, sometimes - not.

1. Clearly define desire.

Try ten acquaintances ask a simple question: "What do you want in life? "Most likely, 9 out of 10 voice their desire can not, because I never thought about him. And if there is no desire, then there is nothing to come true.

There is another option. You say, "I want money." Ask: "Why do you want money? ". This question is you best friend put an impasse, at worst - he wagged his temple. You will also want money, and you also do not understand the question of their destiny? Then it is no wonder why your life is not changed, even though you are working for days on end. Money come to you? Come. Hence the wish comes true. Change the target, then maybe something has changed in life.

2. Focus on your desire.

Most people are not able to do so. They rush from one extreme to another: now they want the sea, tomorrow - the apartment the next day - a car, a week later - again on the sea ... It is absolutely clear that just want a lot of things. But at every stage of life should be one priority. Otherwise, will not achieve anything.

3. Believe that wish can come true.

What wishes come true in other people - an obvious fact. You have to believe in yourself. Otherwise, you'll go all out, and the subconscious mind to whisper: "All the same, you will not succeed." Believe in yourself is not as difficult as it may seem. Look around: you'll see a lot of people who are not smarter than you; earn as much as you; received the same education as you, etc. But these people already have those, as long as you only dream of. And if they could, and then you'll get.

4. Move to the side of desire.

You can create a desire to focus on it, to believe in its execution and lying on the couch, wait for it to come true. Unfortunately, it does not happen. To be on the sea, we must at least go to the station, buy a ticket, take the train to get to the destination station, get out of the car, go to the beach and only enjoy the sea. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the desires not only in my head, but in reality feet rearrange.

A specific example of

You have decided on your goal - it is flat. Are you ready now to put all his strength, his heart and soul to the realization of this desire? If not, look for another target. If so, think of all your friends. Surely a few already have an apartment. Hence, you can. Find out how much is flat. If your income is sufficient for such a purchase. If so, why you have not already done so. If not, sit down and think about how you earn. Come up with? Earn and buy.

And no mystery by no desires. Only the desire itself. And action.

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