Consolation. Always it is necessary to console?

Consolation. Always it is necessary to console?
 Man upset or crying, something happened. In such a situation surrounding behave differently. What we can do right? Do I need to console when a person is bad and he has a problem?

Someone would say nothing and pretend not to notice, though a colleague upset. Another wag his hand and say, "Well, what do you pay attention to this stuff? "Third hug and pat each other on the shoulder.

Response to pain neighbor depends on education, experience, number of experienced suffering. A man who has experienced a lot of emotional turmoil or bodily harm, will not hurt others. He knows first hand how it is not sweet.

Slightly exaggerated analogy will clarify the point. An elderly man slipped and fell. Someone will pass, and the other will say, "Oh." The third will rise. Humanity appears to reach out and help.

Crying in need of comfort. If a person restrains himself, for fear of losing control and "lose face", he also needs to be comforted. Not only for all to see, not in public. He would like to support, but does not allow pride to accept help.

In the business world rarely show "true self." Therefore the support can be used in two stages. Publicly cheered up man. When will stay out of sight and earshot of other people, tell something warm, meaningful for him. If at the time the other person will be difficult to thank you, deep down, it becomes easier.

When comfort is important not to overdo it with the senses. Not everyone is willing to accept emotional openness. Not always the source is ready to take it from you. Walk in the situation, guided by feelings, degree of intimacy with comforting. Look at the reaction: if a man is to empathize, you'll understand. Anyway, be human.

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