Why change the husband

Why change the husband
 For any wife to know that her husband was unfaithful - severe shock. It overwhelms resentment, anger, rage. These feelings are understandable and natural. As the desire to make a scandal adulterer. And then, when the dust settles first passion, a question comes to mind: "Why? "In fact, like all good wife: beautiful, intelligent, keeps order in the house, a wonderful cook, passionate lover. A husband still pulled "to the left". What is the cause of treason?
 It so happens that the woman acts in the spirit of the unforgettable statement: "We wanted to be better, but it turned out as always." Her childhood inspired: "Family Nest must shine! "- And she became the mistress of his house, is engaged in cleaning with fanatical zeal. Any thing in the house should have its own, once and for all designated place, any speck of dust - an outlaw. And my husband just makes observe cleanliness and order. Not noticing that the mere mention of another spring cleaning makes him quiet hatred. So should we be surprised and indignant, if the husband, after all, pay attention to another woman? Of course, the cleanliness and order - that's fine, but try not to go to the point of absurdity.

Or, for example, a woman religiously convinced that a man without her thoughtful guidance on what can not. And she takes the role of guide, disposing of all his life, controlling his every move, of course, the most well-meaning. She loves him, cares, wants what's best. As a result, even a calm and phlegmatic man can not withstand such total control and seeks solace on the side. Give the man the freedom, let him solve the problem, you express your opinion, but not in the arrogant tone.

Well, what to say about the case when the girl received the coveted stamp in the passport, decides: all the more hold and captivate a man is not necessary. Just married - is not going anywhere. And discouraged husband very soon notice that the old charming seductress has become shabby, slovenly, but simply ugly. In this case, the wife herself brought the relationship to such a result. To avoid this, do not forget about yourself - visit salons, do manicures, makeup. No employment and tired is no excuse if you walk around the house in a faded dressing gown and slippers worn.

Sometimes it also happens wife or too reserved, shy by nature, or had a puritanical upbringing. She truly loves her husband, but it refers to sex as a marital responsibilities. Type: it is necessary, it should be, what to do. Naturally, no husband will come from this delight. For a loved one and save the relationship dismiss these prejudices! And do not be afraid to be in bed feeling, imagination.

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