Fusion: a combination of incongruous

Fusion: a combination of incongruous
 The name of this style comes from the English - mixing, merging. Indeed, the main characteristic of this unusual direction is the complete absence of rules and prohibitions. "Mix" all you want and see what happens.
 This style is popular mainly among the young population, which is so like to express their rebellious mood through clothing. Freedom of expression, the habit of experimenting with images, and the pursuit of unfettered democracy and for the rise of fusion.

Easy flowing skirt of gauze and a sports jacket, a bright T-shirt and boots Cossacks. The image of a bold, even provocative. And manifests this style, which is suitable for all - and modern jeans and granny lace.

For this style multi-layered characters and desire to combine things not only different styles and different textures, colors and patterns. Wear a T-shirt over it zhaketik, and on top - free coat.

Search through your wardrobe and you'll probably find that many of the things that you once thought incompatible with each other, form a perfect, albeit an unusual combination. For example, a wide belt and a silk tunic. Sundress denim and elegant hat with a wide brim. Stylish trench coat and knitted striped leggings. The main thing that it looked bright, unusual and attractive!

Excellent "mixed" with each other such styles as country and ethnic, denim and grunge, military and country music, romantic and all of these. To create an interesting image fusion, try not to mix a lot of styles. Two, three, but not more. Things should complement and peculiar shade each other. Even for supporters of this style has not been canceled taste good. Try to look at ourselves and decide what combination will look a single entity, and which - just tasteless jumble of things.

Fill outfit accessories - flashy beads, thin and wide belt, bulky bags. All this will emphasize the originality of your image.

Fusion - the perfect solution for outdoor, recreational outfits. But it is possible to find solutions and to create original office outfits. Combine things classic style with a romantic. You will create a new image, which perfectly fit into the rules of the dress code.

By the way, fusion - a great way for visual correction. Unexpected colors, style combination distract attention from the shortcomings of your appearance.

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Fusion: a combination of incongruous
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