How to drive mad man

How to drive mad man
 Oh, it's feminine guile - clever tricks and fleeting smile, seductive neckline, exciting and elegant gait flirting. These workshops and receptions victorious enslavement of men known to the weaker sex since ancient times and no less relevant today.

But if in the past century, the century of noble knights and worship the Beautiful Lady, ways to attract male attention is notoriously science inspires young ladies from the early years, these times require modern woman is not only a natural charm, but also self-control, creativity and pressure true predator concrete jungle.

Perhaps every girl at one time managed to understand the complexity of seducing men, and the fact that a drastic change in emphasis: in the old days, it is men who sought favorable Female Location, today, on the contrary, the stronger sex is surrounded by ladies unprecedented boom. And huge efforts have been made current "brides of marriageable age", in order to stand out from the large crowd of beautiful and long-legged. That is why women's standard tricks in the form of false eyelashes and fishnet stockings not have such effect has a relatively chaste in the past century.

To be elected for a single man, drive him crazy and make according to their own irresistible person should use all its diplomatic skills, remarkable patience and tact. A call to his initial interest in fact - quite real problem, provided a clever and, to be honest, true female insidious approach.

First of all, it is necessary to delve into the hobbies and interests of the object of his attention. It is worth more than a thorough acquaintance with the things men do, whether it's cars, winter hunting or space technology. Becoming for him a good talker, there is no doubt the lion's share of his success. After all, if the intention is so single-minded girl serious, and should behave accordingly, bearing in mind that ridiculous giggles and pink frills good only for fleeting relationships, which in modern man may be thousands.

Of course, this does not mean that the appearance and personal hygiene can be freely ignored. After all, the tale of a simpleton unattractive glasses and braces are good only for soap operas, while good taste, style and elegance of well-groomed body are extremely important in seducing men, loving, as we all know, the eyes.

Alas, the teeth on edge postulate the existence of some kind of riddle in a woman goes into oblivion, and the mysterious and sometimes obscure lady no longer enjoy the same success with the straight and resolute men. In this sense, men and could be chided for natural laziness and unwillingness to solve the unknown in such extraordinary things.

However, the current men's preferences are becoming more and more obvious, and the pedestal of their attention is increasingly gaining women independent, self-confident and articulate their aspirations and desires. But do not take this way too dry and assertive. In contrast, men as well as at all times, involve tenderness and femininity. And for keeping this a reasonable balance, as well as the ability to remain a while, you need a special talent.

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