Three time-killers

Three time-killers
 Hard employers nobody likes: they cover for their employees access to the Internet is strictly regulated rest time and do not allow absent from the workplace for more than 15 minutes. But whether justified loyalty manager? Does not appear when "eaters office time", which will reduce the overall performance?

Have you at work looking at the clock and realize that before the end of time is left for half an hour, and you have also "the horse is not lying?" Have you ever wondered over what to do with lost time? If you apply the basics of time management, you can try to "spread out" your working day by the minute. Try to record every step (do not worry, your employer to see this "diary" optional, you do it only for myself), timing with each of its sessions. And then look what eventually happened. With a 90% chance we can say that this list will contain the following "time-killers."

1. Social Networks. In that case, if the employer does not block access to social services. networks of office computers, you can be sure - sooner or later even the most exemplary employee does not resist the temptation to wander across the expanses of one of a plurality of such sites. Learn how's your first love, gossip with a friend about how recovered old rival, finally, show your photos in a new dress - all this attracts office workers giant magnet. Only one way: learn to prioritize. Decide for themselves what is more important to you - just handed the report or overtime that you have to sit through their own fault? By the way, the employee, who must not linger on the employer produces the impression of a workaholic as it may seem. Such an employee is perceived as a person who can not organize their time.

2.Chay-coffee-break. Nobody argues, give yourself a rest during work is necessary. From time to time to break away from the monitor, drink tea, mentally distracted from work - it is very useful. Useful if it is not abused. In fact, unfortunately, quite often turn into tea hour absences from the workplace, and their smoke breaks frequency exceeds all imaginable and unimaginable amount. The next time you will call "cup of tea", think - and if you really want some tea? Or is it just another excuse not to work? If you are tired, it is better to walk 10-15 minutes down the street, without a goal, just breathing deeply and releasing the head of any thoughts. Distract from the work it will help a lot better than regular tea drinking in the company of colleagues.

3.Spletni. "Friendly" conversations in the office quite often (let's face it - very often) develop into a discussion Thani, light, Ivan Gavrilovic and his third wife. For such talk time flies with unprecedented speed, and you do not have time to recover, as has already been an hour, and you have not told to apply for stationery accounting. Gossip - not a source of information as you like to think. This loss of working time, which plays against you. Immediately stop attempts to involve you in a conversation, explaining the rush that is necessary to submit an application on time. Much better position themselves in the team, as a responsible employee, rather than as an inveterate gossip.

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Three time-killers
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