When her husband - a colleague

When her husband - a colleague
 Lovers couples want to spend more time with each other. They do not have the small amount of time that they have in the mornings, evenings and weekends. They want to be together forever, even days. It is possible to realize the sharing of work.

What brings both spouses general workplace? Some couples see it as a constant favorite pastime or a loved one. And the other - as a limitation of freedom.

Of course, can not but rejoice that my husband there and if something can always come for you to defend. It's nice to realize that if you suddenly become ill or there is a quarrel with a colleague, it is always a certified person who gladly listen and support. And, no doubt, on this man, your husband, the information will not go. With her husband always find a common topic of conversation, and he will be aware of what is at stake. Also you can with her husband to come together to work, none of you will sleep and not be late. On the corporate parties, which are held every year in the majors, you can always come up with my husband. After all, there are cases when strangers to such events are simply not allowed. You will also be a priority right. And the amount you pay and the day will be known not by hearsay, so hide the extra penny from her husband obviously you will not succeed.

Still, no matter how nice it was the wife of the society, it is worth thinking about what is in the relationships at work and minuses. You constantly think that if you are under the control, under his close supervision. No freedom, one and the same person both at work and at home. Not everyone can pass such a test. After all, even the most passionate girl wants a taste of freedom and faith in their actions. Also, you save yourself from pleasant flirtation with colleagues, sometimes vital for every woman. Because you want to understand that you appreciate not only the spouse. But the worst between spouses at work is that all family problems and quarrels are reflected on the process and the quality of work. And if there was a crisis, or delay in payment of wages, then both spouses will sit without money. The most annoying when my husband said that his wife should flit around him both at home and at work when his wife waiting for countless calls and emails.

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