How to teach him to help with the housework

How to teach him to help with the housework
 Some men are trained from childhood to help on the farm, and they are not waiting to be asked to take out the trash, clean things or vacuum the room. But if you got no such understanding, it will have to learn all this.

The earlier you teach your favorite occupation to the household, the less you will have disagreements arise in the future. Of course, it is not necessary to shift to a whole load of household chores, but something that he can still do decent.

Try the first days of life together to lay on her husband some responsibilities. At the beginning of the family way it treats all this with joy, he was pleased to do all sorts of stuff for the beloved. At first offers simple together to get out of the apartment, peel the potatoes, or go to the nearest supermarket. Then, after a while, all of a sudden you find yourself busy with some other work at the moment, and he goes to the store (retracts in the apartment, peel the potatoes) themselves. And so gradually, unobtrusively these duties to secure for him.

Very good praises his first independent in the performance of tasks. For example: "Oh, yes you today chose wonderful fresh vegetables! And I can not pick them up so well. " Just do it is always sincere and do not forget to kiss him at the same time.

But if you missed the boat, and my husband tasted the delights of carefree family life - to lie on the couch watching television at the same time, when you ran for the products to start cooking dinner, there is already very difficult to restore the balance in family responsibilities. But it is possible.

Necessary, however, to apply the method does not stick and the carrot. If the husband just sits at the computer waiting for a hot meal, a clean shirt, and other amenities of civilization, prepared by your hands and declare him an ultimatum. But in any case do not raise your voice, and vice versa, even make it a little sad. Tell them that today, unfortunately, instead of the promised home dumplings dumplings have to do shop, since you do not have time to clean the bath, pat shirts and to stick these same dumplings.

In some, this method works perfectly. They immediately offer their help.
Only if the training plan for the household do not overdo it. Otherwise, you can kind, gentle, loving and caring husband turned into a maid. And because you need a man in the house.

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