Marriage to a foreigner: pitfalls

Marriage to a foreigner: pitfalls
 Distance love is not a hindrance. And even if you live on different continents, this should not prevent you marry. However, married life with a foreigner is not so serene, as you can imagine in your dreams. There is in it and its pitfalls.  
 Do not underestimate the difference in mentality. Sometimes the inhabitants of different regions of Russia have different ideas about the family, to say nothing about the people living in different parts of the world. For example, the popular Russian girls marriage with Muslim beauties are fraught with danger. Well, if you have a positive attitude to the dominance of men in the family, then the married life will be comfortable for you. The young lady is accustomed to gender equality, it is not necessary to hope that they will transform husband for themselves.

Do not rush to say "yes." Look to your fiance, wait some time together in your home country. After all, when you go to live in his home country, next to you will not be near and dear ones, only your husband. You must be absolutely sure that he is a reliable person.

Before marriage must visit in the country, where your fiance, and where you intend to move. It is advisable to visit lasted for at least a month. It's one thing to come to visit an exotic country, and another thing - to live there.

Be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a considerable amount on your move, and then regularly seek out money on visits to relatives back home.

Arriving in a foreign country to her husband, do not assume that you expect a heavenly life. In contrast, the wife-foreigner lurks many problems. If you want to become a full member of society, you have to learn the language, confirm the diploma, look for a job. Will make it much more difficult than at home.

In most European countries and in the US marriage precedes the conclusion of the marriage contract. Whatever you rosy prospects or imagined life together, it is not necessary to abandon the procedure. In the West, to relate to this case, the marriage contract in any time is not proof of distrust between the spouses. But if you do not compile this document, divorce and observe while their interests will be very problematic.

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