About the relationship between daughters-in-law is composed of a lot of gloomy stories; get along with them really is not always possible. But you do not have to pre-configured on the negative, because a lot depends on it from you. If you have to share with your mother-in shelter, a table and a loved one, try to find a compromise.

It is better to be the way you are, do not curry favor and do not seem better, because then you still will know each other better and your mother in law may be disappointed. But behave coldly not worth it, because you do not want to be disliked at first sight.

From the beginning to the last detail should discuss your joint life, because it is natural, coming in a strange house even for you, to know how it is arranged economy. This will help you avoid a lot of confusion in the future.

It is not necessary to install unceremoniously in this house all orders in its own way, because it already has its own traditions and rules. Perhaps something and you want to change, but do not rush this. Should be respected and the rights of others, including your mother in law.

Be sure to discuss the financial issue - it is the cause of many misunderstandings in families. The best option, as many believe - separate budget from the general housekeeping.

Think of your mother-in tips on housekeeping and cooking easy, because first of all, you are still young and do not know everything, and secondly, to learn something nobody has stopped. And if you know that something is being done better, do not stubbornly impose their views - you will have the opportunity to show their abilities.

If your mother in law will take the entire household on yourself, you will certainly be easier. But there is a danger in the future growth of resentment, because sooner or later it may decide that turned into servants. So try to reasonably split household chores.

Never interfere in the relationship between your husband and mother-in. No need to complain about her husband and mother in law for either in-law to her husband or even more, to sort things out in the presence of one or the other. As a rule, nothing good comes of it.

Even if you are very angry, and you "all have had enough," try not to speak harsh, hasty words, which later regret. Better deep breathe and count to a hundred in his mind. Or move to fresh air.

Remember, because in-law you have a wonderful husband and already for this it must be respected. Try more interested in-law husband of your childhood - she liked it, especially since anyone nice to remember the youth and the most pleasant moments in life. At the same time, often remind her husband about it to be closer to his mother.

Be kind, communicate with your second mother more often, perhaps, when you get to know it and understand life with her you will not seem so bleak.

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