Separate budget

Separate budget
 More recently, the idea that the family can be a separate budget would have seemed impossible. But as strengthened the idea of ​​gender equality, as well as with the growing prosperity of the predominant mass of people with a broad introduction to the life of the institution of civil marriage, a form of the budget is becoming more common.
 The old model of the family for centuries seemed unshakable, implies a clear division of responsibilities and roles of the spouses. The main duty of the husband to support his family was all necessary, the main duty of a wife - to educate children and reasonable, cost-conscious to farm. In other words, the husband brought the money, and his wife spent their course with the permission of the head of household. At the same time his wife was not forbidden also contribute its share of the family budget, earning crafts, laundry, bake sales, etc.

Now in the developed countries, this model is gone. Women work alongside men, sometimes by making no less (if not more) contribution to the family fund. Therefore, they are often not satisfied with the need to coordinate with her husband any waste. "I earn - I decide what to buy for their money! "- They are guided by this logic. And looking at it and decide to husbands: "Well, then I will spend earned what I want! »

In addition, if before the concept of "civil marriage" uniquely interpreted as adultery, concubinage, and caused a general condemnation, but now it is not. Nowadays, more and more couples prefer to live not officially registered, and in a civil marriage. The main explanation for this: "We need to check their feelings, to make sure we do not make a mistake." And as "verification" is not yet complete, the overall budget and maintain such pairs are often considered inappropriate. The other person will begin to spend your money on your own, and then it turns out that it does not suit you, and no wedding would not be? Well, it's not!

This, at least, is clear. But how do you explain that sometimes on separate maintenance budget go seemingly loyal, friendly and loving couple for a long time who are in a happy marriage, in which it was common? Here, too, a lot of reasons. Over the years, alas, neither health nor the nature of not getting any better. Natural mental changes may occur in the form of senile selfishness, excessive suspiciousness, avarice. A classic example of this is described in the books of Gorky's grandfather believed Kashirin tea leaves, before you pour boiling water over them, and then began to separate from his wife to buy oil for the lamps, do not forget to complain: "You Opivaete me to overeat."

Of course, sometimes administered by separate budget there is nothing wrong with that. But consider this: since the family - one.

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